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  • In this month’s issue: The Infinite Spring – an article on…

    In this month’s issue: The Infinite Spring – an article on how traditional Chinese Medicine pioneered the science of today’s wellness programs, by Greg Lane, PCOM-SD’s Director of Clinical Services… page 56.

  • All too often, Western medicine’s view of acupuncture is that of…

    All too often, Western medicine’s view of acupuncture is that of a complementary treatment holding an inferior position next to chemical drugs and pharmaceutical treatments. Yet, what most licensed acupuncturists can attest to instead of being a second string bench warmer, is that their craft is often the star player.

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  • Acupuncture pilot program

    Acupuncture pilot program:

  • 10 Feng Shui Tips for your Practiceby Amanda CollinsFeng Shui…

    10 Feng Shui Tips for your Practice

    by Amanda Collins

    Feng Shui Master Class with Amanda Collins – February 15 – Register here!

    1. When choosing a color for your walls, keep in mind that soft and warm healing colors such as green, soft blues, or earthtone colors that appear in nature are best for fostering relaxation and healing.

    2. Cleanse the space daily using bells or sage. Use aromatherapy such as citrus or lavender to calm patients.

    3. Bring in the element of earth with a bowl of smooth polished river rocks or crystals for healing, such as amethyst or citrine, to ground and center the patient’s qi. The element of earth under the treatment table is a simple way to encourage energetic grounding.

    4. Consider adding a water fountain. This brings in the element of water and creates energetic movement. A water fountain in the actual treatment room, however, may create too much activity to ensure a relaxing experience for the client. It can also influence activity in the bladder, and may interrupt a session with a trip or two to the restroom.

    5. All living things such as plants and aquariums should be thriving, healthy and well cared for. During the day, plants take the air we breathe out and recycle it.


    6. The entrance area is where the main qi enters the building. If the entrance is dark and has no windows or is enclosed in some way, it can cause the qi to stagnate. Strategically-placed mirrors or bright, inspiring artwork can help with this. Also, make sure there are no pointed edges or anything sharp, as this will keep the good qi or patients from entering. For example, the front of your desk should be rounded to avoid pointed corners.

    7. Consider an air filtration system with a negative ionizer to prevent fatigue and illness which can be associated with ventilation systems.

    8. What do you see when you look out your window? Windows represent your outlook on life. Regularly cleaning your windows will keep the energy fresh. Ideally use a therapy room with a window so the qi can be ‘refreshed’ by fresh air. Create a pleasing view outside the therapy room’s window with plants. If there are no windows, create that feeling with artwork.

    9. Keep your surroundings tidy, clean and uncluttered. Only have items in the room that are pleasing to the eye: uplifting pictures of nature, healthy plants, and ornaments that invoke positive thoughts and feelings. Clear the clutter in all offices—including that on the computers.

    10. Placement of the treatment table is important for the patient to feel comfortable and safe. Position the treatment table so that the client’s feet or head are NOT directly facing the door when they are lying down. It is recommended that the client can see the door when they are supine.

    Feng Shui Master Class with Amanda Collins – February 15 – Register here!

    Amanda Collins is best known as a Feng Shui consultant, speaker and instructor. She is the owner and founder of the International Feng Shui School, a certification-training program. Amanda works with individuals and businesses throughout America and Europe, including Dream Works, Hyundai, Bloomingdales and Morgan Stanley.

  • 10 Ayurvedic Suggestions to Benefit Your Clients’ Health…

    10 Ayurvedic Suggestions to Benefit Your Clients’ Health by Prana Gogia

    Registration for Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant class opening soon – more info! 

    1. Cook meals with turmeric and fresh ginger to improve digestion.

    2. Eat wisely (more cooked food) and dine in mindfully, in a happy and peaceful environment.

    3. Meditate regularly.

    4. Wake up early and go to sleep early. The best times to sleep are 10pm to 6am.

    5. Take a drop of clove oil for temporarily relief of toothache.


    6. Use a neti pot for sinus congestion (filtered or boiled water only).

    7. Avoid drinking ice-cold water before or after the meal.

    8. Avoid greasy foods, particularly in winter; prefer more soups in winter.

    9. Restful sleep: use essential oils, like rose and lavender to massage your feet before sleep along with slow, deep mindful breathing.

    10. Get regular massages with warm organic oils such as almond, sesame, and apricot kernel. Self-massage your face, neck, belly, and especially ears every day.

    Registration for Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant class opening soon – more info!

    Prana Gogia is a practitioner and teacher of Siddha Ayurveda, Craniosacral Work and Chinese Medicine, with over thirty years studying and practicing healing work in the lineage of the Siddha tradition. Prana traveled extensively through the Himalayan regions to learn Tantric meditative and healing practices. Prana works to seamlessly integrate Siddha Ayurveda, craniosacral work and Chinese Medicine to offer teaching and healing services for wellness and transformation of your whole being. 

  • One of our alumni, Marta Briseno, has set up a clinic in…

    One of our alumni, Marta Briseno, has set up a clinic in Guadalajara, Mexico! This article is due to be published Sunday in the most widely-read newspaper in the city.

    Marta says that “the clinic, Luna de Oriente, has been open since the second week of November and it has been a great success so far, people are very interested in Oriental Medicine and they have welcomed us very nicely. We have 4 treatment rooms and are starting to get quite busy, we feel proud and very grateful to PCOM.”

  • 7 Things No One Ever Tells You About Menopause

    Hot flashes and night sweats are well known signs of menopause, but other lesser known issues can also crop up. Understanding why and what is happening can help make the transition easier.

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  • Chinese Medicine and Feng Shui


    Acupuncture, Feng Shui, and herbal medicine are part of the Eight Branches of Tao, a system developed by the ancients for humanity to understand and live life.
    Check out our Feng Shui course, starting in February!

  • 13 Foods that Fight Pain – Green Yatra Blog

    13 Foods that Fight Pain – Green Yatra Blog:

  • Live with Kelly and Michael

    Live with Kelly and Michael:

    Tomorrow morning, PCOM alumnus Daniel Hsu will be performing acupuncture on the Live with Kelly & Michael Show—don’t miss it!